Sexy and Traditional Housewife: Elisavet Spanou | Άλλη Φάση

Sexy housewife is mainly associated with the Eva Longoria thanks to her role at Desperate Housewives as Gabrielle Solis. She was a sexy housewife with no traditional skills! However, I have recently found a sexy and traditional housewife. 
Greek singer Elisavet Spanou’s latest video clip Άλλη Φάση. You may not understand the lyrics if you don’t know Greek but the video clip definitely states how a sexy and traditional housewife can be defined :) 
Honestly, I am not sure how long a housewife can bear to work in the garden with that dress. 
I have just received more photos from Elisavet and I can clearly declare that, you can do any house with high heels, long nails and sexy outfit :) The proof of the photos are at the below. And Elisavet Spanou theoretically the sexiest traditional housewife :)

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Elisavet Spanou
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