Ad Blue; is it really that blue?

Recently we started to see, hear and read something called Ad Blue. And most of us have no idea what is that thing? Actually it sounds like blue advertisements. Why? Because; ad is a short term of advertisement and blue is blue. So when we combine them, we end up with blue advertisements which also mean nothing!
The real thing about Ad Blue is; it is a chemical to reduce emission and NOx levels of diesel engines. It is becoming more and more popular by manufacturers. You just fill the Ad Blue tank with Ad Blue and your diesels engine’s emissions levels go down. That’s great!
Just wait; do you really know what Ad Blue is? I don’t want to write here. Just click to link below and think twice when you go to toilet. And focus on the word “urea”. We are wasting Ad Blue : ) There are some better pictures to explain Ad Blue but I didn’t wish use them :)