Der Phaëton und Aristoteles by VW

VW Phaëton is the icon for VW’s new era for higher comfort, better technology, more luxury. It was on market in 2002 and as everyone expected it never sold enough. However, it had the state of art technologies like; air condition which never makes you sick. Despite the technologies, name derived from Greek mythology and better than Audi A8 (My opinion) never helped to boost the sales. And everyone know the rest of the story, Phaëton’s platform and technology is used for Bentley Continental Family. But this is the reason why I am writing about Phaëton.
As you can see very clearly from the picture below, Der Phaëton has wheel option which was named as “Aristoteles”. Yes; that Aristoteles who is the most important figure for Western philosophy; and has writings on these subjects physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, ethics, biology, and zoology. And much more to tell about him. Thanks to Volkwagen, he will also be remembered as optional 225/45 R18 sized wheel for VW Phaëton but also light weight wheel ;)
Nothing more to say! An idea, why didn’t you name the car Aristoteles and name the wheel Phaëton?