Do you really want to be seriously COOL with ICON ????

If you started reading this, you have some desire deep inside your body to be Cool!! And here is the solution ;)
People are buying expensive yachts, watches from Patek Philippe or being dressed up by Chanel or buying very very privately manufactured Rolls Royce. But does anyone could fly? Of course no. Whatever you buy, you cannot use it like a car. And these tragic problems came to and end :)
You want to be cool, you want to be remembered by everyone, you want to have the coolest on earth, you want to ruin air traffic and you want to hit to ground very quickly. Here it is; ICON A5 Aircraft. Sorry for hitting the ground, it has even parachute! So you will hit the ground even in stylish way ;)
This new gadget is from James Bond movie, Mr. Bond here is your new plane which could do 180 km/h and has 100 horsepower engine. Unfortunately this cool thing does not take off stylish, you have to find a 225 meters place to take off and land.
Basically; this is very cool looking, compact airplane for casual style.
However, I have some concerns! We all know that, people tend to repair their cars by their self, I don’t know why. And they cannot fix it proper and hit to a tree (time to time). Now the same guy will buy this plane and will repair at home and hit your house.
This is very good product but how could we trust people who don’t have advanced level pilot experience. What about novice pilots? This is not like car, pull the hand brake and car will stop. When it stops in air, it does not stay in air, it will drop to somewhere! And also the busy air traffic will be annoyed by some new pilot who wants to show off their new air plane to their friends!
There 450 orders are made, so we should be careful ;)
By the way, it looks very cool. And practical and has innovative design :)
Picture are from;
Icon Website