Driving Shoes in Pink, recommended by GQ

There are plenty of different types of driving shoes on market. And they have typical style and typical colours which are not shocking! Now there is something different from Kurt Geiger’s Florio shoes and listed as 27. Best Thing in the World by GQ Magazine. And probably lots of people will rush into those shoes. But there is a small problem, their colours. It is starting from blue, brown, grey, navy, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow. Yes, they offer pink and puprle driving shoes!
The scenary will be very interesting, someone is coming out from Mercedes CL65 AMG which has lots of power to move the world and the driver has pink shoes by Kurt Geiger!
They should recommend the colours with cars. Pink for Nissan Micra drivers, Yellow for Yellow Ferrari owners ;)

Kurt Geiger Website
Mercedes AMG Website