Five Stars Hotel in Crash Test

During last ten years cars’ safety significantly improved. The first generation Ford Mondeo had only two stars and after ten years it turned into rock solid. Actually this story is similar with every other brand, after ten years most of the cars on market have four or five stars from EuroNCAP (Independent road safety organization).
For ten years; front impact, side impact, child protection was enough for the cars. Usual crashing which we are very familiar on TV, hit the car to something. However as they becoming more solid they tend to resist every kind of shock! And their stars are rising, like hotels. But after some point all hotels have five stars but which has the real five stars? It is similar with the cars also, Ford and Mercedes has five stars.!
But there is significant gap with some brands and competitors. Mercedes introduced Pre-Safe technology in 2002, which could detect a possible crash and stretches the seat belt, closes windows and prepares for crash; may be an ejection seat in near future. And they also developed this technology further and now; under the brand of BAS Plus, car could able to detect the traffic in front of the car. If the traffic is not moving and also driver is not moving, car automatically brakes up to %40 and even if there will a crash, the exposure will be lower. So these kinds of systems, even if the drivers is willing to crash somewhere is protecting passengers more than the equivalent vehicles.
So why EuroNCAP does not rate these systems? Yes, they start to rate them! Does it have ESP? Does it have beeping for seat belt? One car is stopping by itself and the other one is just beeping. Very rational! They should focus more on rating active safety systems. The important point; is not to crash!
Also why do the cars have always front impact crash? In whole world; cars only hit by front? Of course not, the car which hits something from the front is directly hits to others car’s back. What a coincidence! Therefore, EuroNCAP should start different crash tests to change their rating.

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EuroNCAP, Mercedes E Class (W212) Crash