Iconic Mercedes

When we remember the old Mercedes models from 1920s to 1960s. We could see that exquisite design and engineered beyond their era. Mercedes also know this very well and in every five years they reveal a “new” model which is exactly based on old iconic model. And sometimes they ruin that iconic models, they did it once with Maybach and once with SLR. I have better expectations from SLS Gullwing!

For me there are three great Mercedes models; first one is SSK, second one is 600 Pullman and the last one is 300SLR. I think the Pullman is more famous than its owner whole over the world. Nearly every well known politician, rock star, fashion designer, very very rich people owned one of them. The fascinating thing about the 600 Pullman was; when you push a button to close the window you don’t hear any electric motor noise, because it was controlled by hydraulic! Like an airplane, Pullman’s every single detail was moving by hydraulic. And it was built in 1963.
300SLR was also fascinating car; its design, reliability, ground breaking engine technology (direct injection, which is now available with VW’s FSi engines) and its performance. I don’t want to mention about economy and environmental side effects. When it was built in 1955, no one on earth had been to moon. Phone was a very luxury device, there was no fast food and also no starbucks! And Mercedes built that car in that era.
The SSK is one of the best looking cars. And producing nearly 300 horsepower from 7.3 lt engine in 1928. There is no need to say more!
And let’s come today; last one decade did Mercedes revealed something iconic? I am sure some of you will say, Maybach, my uncle’s S Class, my father’s S Class, my classmate’s uncle’s brother’s son’s S Class. Unfortunately, neither your relatives S Class nor Russian billionaires Maybach is not iconic. S Class is a contemporary car which satisfies the needs of customers. I am not a fan of S Class, I would rather choose CL or SL. Maybach was disaster, nobody denies this! It was based on old S Class and which looks like old S Class. And after new S Class it even looks older! Maybach was great brand in 1940s but they could not manage do it again.
The last and the best Mercedes is the G Wagon! For thirty years; it is still the best off roader, looking seriously cool, extremely robust in any terrain, Range Rover looks like Paris Hilton’s small dogs when you put beside G Wagon. But it is hard to drive as a result of being a proper off roader.

Mercedes SSK, 1928
Mercedes 300 SLR, 1995
Mercedes 600 Pullman, 1963
Mercedes G Wagon, Since 1979