Mercedes 2.2

Mercedes loves the 2.2litre diesel engine. I don’t know why but they have some emotional relationship with extra 0.2litre.
Why it is annoying? Because, countries like Turkey where the taxation is influencing sales really badly are facing really high tax brackets because of those 0.2litre extra.
And BMW can achieve similar performance and efficiencly levels with 2.0litre diesel. I think Mercedes should revise its range engine to avoid any taxation obtacles in emerging markets. Consumers do not wish to pay extra money for just 0.2litre and they won’t be depression if the car is cheaper with 2.0litre diesel engine.
Stuttgart noticed how the 1.6litre petrol engine could rocket the sales and I do hope that they will reveal smaller diesel engine. Actually they should reveal 1.6litre diesel with high pressured twin turbo and dominate the market.