Mercedes and the City hoppss Sex and the City

Sex and the City is one of the most famous TV series and their movie was also very nice.
The point which caught my interest was the product placement of Mercedes cars. Interesting point, Mercedes placed new GLK before it was revealed and in Sex and the City 2 the new E Class was seen before it was revealed. So we could see that, the four ladies are very interested on cars :)
Also I noticed something; when Samantha does her shopping and staff from Gucci store puts everything to GLK 350’s boot, we could see that her GLK has the Easy Pack system which lets you to close the boot without even touching the boot. Yes, that’s not something new. I just wanted to highlight, it is not a movie trick. You just either touch the red button on boot door or push and hold the boot button inside vehicle.
So; if you are planning to be like Samantha, try to add exquisite details when ordering ;) It is not just wearing luxury brand to be like Samanth !
Pictures are from;
Sex and the City (Movie)