Who wants a front wheel drive, 97 horse power Aston Martin?

I pretty sure that, many people will say yes this questions. But I have bad news; as published on, Cygnet the very small Toyota iQ based Aston Martin is reserved for Aston Martin owners :(
And micro Aston Martin’s engine will not remmaped or increase its power! Why don’t you say more basically we don’t want to invest on new engine, we will try to see with Toyota engine. Very nice decision.
I really want to see how the Russian billionaires and petrol riched Gulf people will comment on this car!
And the price is very reasonable, around £20,000 – £30,000. I cannot deny the interior is very made and it has the Aston Martin design clues but that’s all.
If you want to a buy an Aston Martin based on Toyota with 1.3lt 100 horsepower engine and top speed of 170 km/h and front wheel drive; go for it!
If you buy this car, you won’t have any pleasure like other Aston Martin!