A quick reminder: Mercedes S250 CDi BlueEfficiency

Yes, that’s a S Class and that’s 250 CDi. This letter and these number don’t tend to come up together. However, today’s emissions regulations, enviromental concerns and high fuel prices helped to emerge S250 CDi. This is the first four cylinder diesel engined S Class from Mercedes, actually it will be the lightest and smallest engine under a S Class ever. However, it won’t be that slow as you imagine. This four cylinder diesel engine offers 224 horsepower and 500 nm of torque. Those of you who doesn’t know what torque is, 500 nm is really many ;)
This new engine will produce only 155 CO2 emissions which is also very low and many people don’t care about this. The Mercedes S350 CDi is only 11 horsepower stronger than this new model. Here is a small future flashback for S Class. This new engine will dominate most of the emerging market where the high taxation determines the price. Competitors will suffer really bad, especially BMW 7 Series and Audi A8. Also this new model will catch some customers from Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. As the price of S250 CDi will lower, customers will be motivated to save more money to shift their level, actually their status level ;) In summary, there will be huge demand to this car.
I have only one question, as the S Class designed from heavier engine, what Mercedes will do to maintain ideal weight balance with this micro sized engine?