Achtung! Passat CC fünf seated, sorry five seated

VW Passat is one of the best selling and one of the most boring family sedans on market. Despite its class leading technology features, it always has a senseless design and could not become popular like two generations of Ford Mondeo. However this cursed fate of Passat ended by something called Comfort Coupe. Yes, one of the most popular family sedan turned into junior City Bankers car! Passat CC denied its brother Passat and running away from family sedans :) And ready get ready for selling your Ford Mondeo, VW Passat, Skoda Octavia or anything which is family car with four door.
What was the Comfort Coupe? When you first saw this new Passat, you will notice its unique design and the short form of Comfort Coupe which actually caused some misunderstanding. When it was first revealed people thought that it was a coupe cabrio Passat, the short form of comfort coupe, CC. This new model has similar characteristics of Mercedes CLS, Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche Panamera with reasonable price! Like, these cars Passat CC was offering only four seats. There is no chance to accommodate the fifth person inside the car. The limited accommodation is a characteristic of coupe four doors. However, I was thinking what would happen if they offered the fifth seat in this car? Some people would say, it is against the design concept of CC. And I didn’t think that much about the fifth person. And I found this car as an excellent choice for its price and feeling sorry for the fifth person.
Today, VW announced that they felt sorry for the fifth person and they are offering the seat option for fifth person as an option. Unlike other over priced options, it is only costing €100! This is bargain for a German car. With this decision, there is no official requirement to buy Passat unless you are crazy :) This new fünf seated sorry five seated Passat CC is the best sedan to buy. As you could from the picture it looks excellent, eventually it looks superb for a Passat :)

Pictures are from;
VW Website