Aston Martin Cygnet Targeting Youngs ;)

Aston Martin’s Toyota iQ based new small car Cygnet is targeting youngs. Very interesting! As they announced, Cygnet will be sold only to current Aston Martin owners, I really wonder how they could those young people with Aston Martin :) They could find some in Russia, China and in Gulf Countries! Overall, we can say that, this is the most effective PR campaign every made. Targeting to a group which cannot buy the product! Is this second Smart disaster?
I was expecting to see a more powerul Cygnet and not sharing engine with Toyota. Also, if they could manage to make it rear wheel driven and exhaust bypass valves like in proper Aston Martin. Even if you were driving your micro Aston Martin, you could have the chance to hear similar sound. The most important thing; they should have remapped the engine to produce more power and torque to differentiate from Toyota iQ.
Here is video from Aston Martin;