Audi A1 vs. Mini and Fiat 500

Yes, Audi is again in small segment business! After they have crashed the A2 to wall very badly in 2002, they didn’t have the mood for a small Audi, until now. As the Mini made superb hit on hot playing lists, manufacturers started to think about introducing small cars but cool ones! As usual Ford had a chance to succeed and as usual they ruined it (StreetKa). Actually it was very nice car. Fiat became very confident and introduced the new Fiat 500 and they received a demand which they have never imagined of during a world crisis. After that Alfa Romeo introduced the MiTo which is the prettiest car on market! 
And in Ingolstadt, Germany where the Audi’s HQ is placed started to think. And they said “Ja, wir müssen einführen, ein kleines Auto”. Of course, they remembered their traumatic experience with A2 and hesitated a bit but they didn’t give up. Now Audi A1 is here :) It looks very good, actually millions times better looking than the R8. As German traditions, it will have every kind of technology Audi is offering in other ranges.
But there is a bit problem when I read the news on internet. Audi is expecting to sell 80.000 A1s per year !?! After reading several times, I noticed that they were not speaking of a year Mars calendar. They are planning to sell 80.000 in 365 days time. Because, Mini sold more than 60.000 last year and Fiat 500 had enormous demand. So why not? Actually 80.000 is very optimist prediction. Let’s be honest, people will not sell their Minis or 500s or MiTos to buy A1!

There is something which cannot be put into number, that’s the soul. Mini and Fiat 500 have heritage brought from old times, even though the Mini is more expensive than old times. But people want to live 1960s dream again in contemporary world. It is the same with Fiat 500; 500 is bringing the black and white Italian Shows from 1960s to HD quality! They are both retro and reflecting their character. Alfa Romeo MiTo; it is Alfa Romeo. It is like a love in first sight, you won’t think about the future. You just want to be together. I cannot describe Alfa Romeo better. And Audi A1; I am pretty sure that it has more gadgets than its competitors and offer better of everything and never break down. But it is just A1, nothing else! I am sure that, people who got bored from Mini and MiTo will buy A1. However expecting 80.000 in these conditions is a very optimistic approach to automotive. My prediction is; no more than 50.000 first couple of years. We will see it later ;)

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