Carlos Ghosn effect on Nissan Pathfinder

This summer my friend Rishi rented a Nissan Pathfinder. On street, Pathfinder looks very muscular and good quality for its price! However, the second assumption was wrong. As soon as I drove the Pathfinder, my dreams disappeared and I really disappointed with it. I know that, Pathfinder always a good SUV and I didn’t hear any adverse comments about it, until now. I have to mention this; my disappointment was so bad my friends Andri and Natasia told me “that’s a rented car, you don’t need to worry that much”. But my dream was evaporated :)
So, what happened while I was driving the pathfinder? Actually from outside, you don’t expect to see so much common things with pick up style. But it has many things in common. Firstly; the steering wheel is not connected to front wheels. I am not joking, there is no feeling or feedback from the tyres. There should be some feedback for off road and on road driving. Driver should feel the road, not for emotional relationship, for safety and handling. I said to myself, this is an SUV I can accept this. And the worse came, the clutch! It has the same lack of feeling and dullness of Renault Clio! Yes, Nissan and Renault are working together but they should not have this much in common. The stupid clutch from Clio directly transferred to Pathfinder like a football player transfer. As you would expect breaks has the lack of feeling! I was getting more and more disappointed as I drove more and more. Actually I should have stopped the as I felt the clutch :) Finally, I stopped the engine and the gear lever wobbled! Yes, this only happens with cheap pick up. Because, the diesel engines vibration directly transferred to gear lever due to lack of materials to absorb those shock. This happened in Pathfinder, wobbling gear lever.
Then I realized; cost cutting magician Carlos Ghosn is the CEO of Renault! And those meaningless things are directly coming from pick up models and Renault models. What I have learned from all these? Don’t expect too much from Renault and Nissan. But Pathfinder should have been a car!
Picture is from;
Nissan UK Media Website