Chau Har Lee, worth to look !

Every month I am reading many different magazines to find subject to relate with car :) It is sometimes quite hard but sometimes happens suddenly! This month’s Wallpaper magazine had something very interesting. Wallpaper is a design magazine, in some issues BMW was starring with Bangle’s interestingly designed car! Prize winner of Manolo Blahnik Competition by Chau Har Lee. When I saw her exquisite design of high heels, I wanted to check her website to see her other projects. I was trying to find something to relate with car :) However, what I have found was very interesting shoes design. As a car addicted person, it remained me something very unusual! Front of the shoes look very familiar to radiator grills. I am pretty sure that, except me nobody has ever thought like this. Just show me the only the front of this shoes and don’t mention about anything, I would guess it is a contemporary design concept may be influence by radiator grills.

Of course, my perception to design is not very good. Focusing on cars for long years, made me to perceive every kind of object like a part of a car! From ladies approach, Chau’s design will be loved! It is very obvious that, they would not associate shoes and car radiator like me but if Chau’s design caught a man’s attention and pursued to look for her other designs. Ladies would run after ;) Porsche Design is offering driver shoes for men, I think Chau can offer driver shoes for women ! Ladies are not driving addictive but there are many of them are driving ;)
Pictures are from;
Mercedes Website
Chau Har Lee Website