Design my life, Porsche Design

Porsche Design is one of my favourite brands. It is giving opportunity to feel Porsche every moment in your life. From pencils to shoes, there are many many things made by Porsche Design. As I mentioned earlier, it also has some “interesting” products like Kitchen and Power Drill. However these products do not prevent to buy Porsche Design, actually they are emerging motivation to buy a proper Porsche but it is a bit harder than buying a pencil :)
And while I was looking at fashion magazines, I noticed something. There is always a section about combination of clothes, shoes and accessories. But there is no combination about what to wear with a car; so, I prepared one from Porsche Design. I am sure that, when you buy a Porsche, you will be confused what to wear, what to buy with your new Porsche! Now, you don’t need to worry anymore ;) If you have a Porsche, you should have a Porsche life style :) You can find luggage with 911 Turbo wheels, pencils from block of aluminium, shoes are designed to drive Porsche !

Picture are from;
Porsche Design Website
Adidas Onlineshop