Emotional relationship with Jaguar’s new engine

Brand helps to differentiate a good from its competitors and with the help of brand, customers can repurchase the same good next time. In contemporary world, brands not only help to differentiate but also help to create brand communities, emerge emotional relationships between customer and good, help vertical social mobility and offer a dream! And during consumption stage, customer prefers the brand or asks for a specific brand. That’s what companies are looking forward.
However there are some interesting cases like Jaguar XKR’s advertisement. This advertisement tells about its performance and its new engine. Until here, everything seems normal but there is something unsual! Jaguar wants us to emerge an emotional relationship with their new engine!!! We can see this by “All-new AJ-V8 GEN III R engine” phrase in the advertisement text. I really wonder, who is going remember AJ-V8 GEN III R and ask for this in Jaguar dealer? I want to buy a Jaguar with AJ-V8 GEN III R engine and sales person will look with an interesting face.
OK, we got the message. Jaguar developed a new engine and they want to inform us but writing its article code is not a good way. We can understand that’s a V8, third generation R engine and that’s all.
If Jaguar is trying to provide more information about this new engine, they should avoid using it’s production code and focus on this new engine in a different way. Actually, this new engine is very efficient and powerful :)