Family trip with reasonable car

Let’s imagine, you are living in Switzerland with two kids and your spouse. Actually this is something very usual to see in every country. And father of this family wants to drive a very fast car as he could effort without any problem. Also he wants to buy a sedan which could accommodate five people and a proper boots space. With these limitations, he cannot buy a Porsche 911 or Lamborghini! Also S63 AMG or Audi S8 is too big. So, the alternatives are becoming few and fewer.
The ideal family car with proper boot and accommodate five people and fast is Mercedes E63 AMG, BMW M5 and Audi RS6. All these cars are clinically insane! Despite their minor performance differences, you will lost your mind in any of these cars. However, they are speed is limited to 250 km/h. Up to that speed, your body can be squeezed due to high speed G shocks! But, this family wants more boots space and same lunatic power!
All these cars had a tiny problem, which was a big obstacle, catastrophic problem. They were not available in estate version for long and long year. People had depressions, they didn’t know what to do. Of course, Mercedes E500 Estate, BMW 550 Touring or Audi A6 4.2 Avant was very slow for their family. I really don’t know what their problem with speed is :) So, all these German companies had meeting and they said, we will solve this huge problem. (Actually this stupid design first came from Audi RS6, Audi has obsession with estate cars.) And solution to this problem is to offer lunatic cars with estate option!
Let’s imagine again; you have a family with two or three kids. And you want to travel to Nice for summer holiday. Sure you need huge boots for everything and you don’t want to buy SUV. Also you are suffering time problem, because you need to catch with Schumacher! And you will be in a lunatic family estate car which could speed up so quickly and stop so quickly. Actually these cars huge amount of horse power will not give you any pleasure while travelling for holiday. It will cause a huge problem!
Why? Firstly, all these lunatic cars extremely stiff suspension. You little kid can throw out everything. Also you wife will not be happy with the enormous exhaust sound which you love it very much and also annoying suspension. Of course, when you have a huge amount of torque which can move the earth, you will try to overtake every car and your trip will turn into family war. In addition, the huge tyres will make more noise, will be very uncomfortable, also these cars love to eat petrol.
So, I really wonder who is their target group! I discussed this problem with my friend Abidin and we came to a solution, nobody. No, may be a very small amount people. Like 10!

Pictures (in order);
Mercedes E63 AMG Estate
BMW M5 Touring
Audi RS6 Avant
Pictures are from;
Mercedes Website
BMW Website
Audi Website