Ferrari powered by battery !

Don’t re-read the title, it is true! Ferrari will reveal the hybrid 599 at Geneva Motor Show. Hopefully it won’t have a similar structure which can found in Prius :) Ferrari is transferring technology from Formula 1 to production cars. Ferrari’s are offering many technologies those are directly transferred from F1. This time Ferrari is transferring the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and combines with hybrid technology.
Of course, Ferrari’s hybrid won’t be offering a slower Ferrari for more price! This KERS technology is currently used by F1 cars, by pushing a button the energy stored while braking can be used for boosting the car. And you will have a faster 599, also Ferrari is saying hybrid 599 %35 is more economical. I don’t think that, many Ferrari buyers will be influenced by this economy! Offering a hybrid means, while parking your 599, there won’t any engine noise; just an electric engine!
If I could ever have money to buy a 599, will I buy a hybrid version !? I can consider it after I have a test drive with non-hybrid and hybrid models. May be this KERS technology can offer same feeling from F1.
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