Ford C’eed, hopps new Focus

Kia is one the most undesirable brand for me. I know that, their quality and technology significantly raised during last five years but Kia brand is a very warm brand for me. On the other hand; I really like European Fords, they handle nice, you get what you paid for and its design is nice. Until now, Ford Focus’s design was nice! Instead of getting better, Focus’s design is getting worse and worse. When the first Focus was reveal nearly more than ten years ago, they left the car in London and count how many people look at the car and it was a huge number, which I don’t remember now. However second generation Focus did not catch enough attention but the last one will definitely be recognized as Kia C’eed.
Ford has very good designer team, they have designed Mondeo, S-Max and Kuga. They all look very good. But when it comes to Focus, there is no effort! Hopefully, this time Ford didn’t forget to put a better interior, this is the good side of new Focus. But the rest is just no comment! Here you could see Kia C’eed and new Ford Focus. And as we could see from the pictures; new Ford Focus is designed by Ford USA! Just check the back of the new Focus, you will see :)
Blue car is Kia C’eed and red one is new Ford Focus.
Pictures are from;
Kia Website
Worldcarfans Website