Ford is taking off

One year ago, Ford was very close bankruptcy and trying to throw away the brands to prevent ship to be sinked. Hopefully Ford didn’t vanish in deep layers of ocean. And now Ford managed to increase its market share in overall year and in every brand. This is first time since 1995! Actually this is a miracle for Ford which still has pointless inefficient V8 engines in current model range and people still wanted to buy.
However in 2009, Ford made a ground breaking decision. For long years, Ford USA was offering boring cars and Ford Europe was offering stylish cars. As expected Ford USA was not that profitable. And Ford decided to introduce the new Fiesta to US market. This small step is a big achievement for a company which is good at making pick-ups as big as a small island!
However, Ford still offers a different Focus in US and it looks dull! And I don’t know why, Ford USA resist to import european Focus and Mondeo to USA market. As I told many times, Ford import Mondeo to USA. It has everything! And think again; VW is offering same cars in US, Mercedes and BMW is producing in US and offering same cars. Why do you still offer two different Focus? And prevent Mondeo to swim atlantic ocean.
And last; Ford has two Fusions; one in US which is a medium sized saloon and the other is in Europe and it is Fiesta Fusion. Stop producing fat Fusion in US and replace with Mondeo.