How a car is born? by BMW

I have just found a page on BMW’s corporate website. The corporate website provide corporate data :) These website tells more than cars’ engine power or dealers address. On these website, you could find the details of the company, their sales performance, market condition and these kinds of investment information.
However, BMW added something else! How a car is produced, on this page you can find out how a car is produced and every stage is described a video. They should have put this site on their main website.
In paint shop video, just watch it carefully. You will notice that BMW is not painting the whole car. I mean they don’t the part we don’t see or cannot be seen from outside. This is more environment than Toyota Prius! Saving energy should not only happen while driving, production should save energy also.
American car companies should watch all these video :)
Here is the link; (To watch videos just click to “look into plant (video)”