If you enjoy your life, don’t buy an Audi!

Enjoyment and Audi, they are very close with each other; if you are planning to buy RS4 or RS5 or R8. But this is not related with any of them. Actually it is related with Audi’s clean diesel engines!
Diesel and enjoyment sound contridiction but they are not anymore! Audi’s new commercial for US market is showing something very unusual with diesels. They are giving this message; “if you want to commit suicide, try something else”. Yes, driver of A5 is so depressed and so idiot, he places a hose inside the car from exhaust and starts the engine. We can see that, car’s tank is full of diesel but when the tank is empty, he is still alive. What are we¬†learning? Audi loves you more than others brands :) Audi has the lowest emission level.
This commercial is relased to inform US customers about low emission levels of diesel engine and increase the competitive advantage over hybrid cars. As the US turn into hybrid land from pick up land, now German car companies are trying to inform their customers about how the diesel is efficient and clean. As the German car companies are expert diesel technology and they use this advantage in US market over hybrid cars. However, I am not sure is it a good way to educate about diesel by this commercial !Alternative link for video:

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