Land Rover Discovery 4 or 3,5 ?

Land Rover Discovery is one of the most iconic off roaders on market. GQ Magazine even placed Discovery 4 as the 83th best thing in the world. Yes, Discovery 4! Like most of the people, you think that Discovery 4 is a new model but no! That’s a facelifted Discovery 3, actually Discovery 3,5 is a better definition.

When Discovery 3 was introduced in 2004 and like other cars, its product life cycle was seven years. In 2011 we expect to see “real” Discovery 4. But they changed their mind and introduced the facelifted Discovery 3 as Discovery 4. This confusing branding tactic definitely confused the customers. Because, a new number means this vehicle is something new and previous is old. However, the case is different with Discovery. Discovery 3 was a very good off road and invaded by heavy plastic interior, despite its off roading ability it does not able to offer any comfort for that price tag and everywhere inside the car is mostly covered with plastic. This is not something good, if you are trying to sell your vehicle as premium off roader! So, Land Rover people revised the vehicle, introduced new engines, new interior and more option and to create more impression they also introduced a new name.
People will perceive this a new Discovery and when they notice the Discovery 3, they will be confused and they will ring the dealers and ask millions of questions. What I am curious about is; what will happen in 2011? Will Land Rover introduce Discovery 5 or Discovery 4,5 or New Discovery Forget the Rest model!
Discovery 3 had to have a heavy facelift but it was not that desperate to have a new name. Facelift the vehicle, focus on marketing and don’t confuse people. In automotive business, renaming a very good product is the last option and most of the manufacturers don’t try to do this, unless it is inevitable. In the end, Land Rover will be confused to new name in 2011!

This is the Discovery 3!

Picture are from;
Land Rover Mediasite