Louis Vuitton and Mercedes G Class

Mercedes G Class is one of my favourite cars on earth. Most of you may have never heard of Mercedes G or you did not notice it on street. This vehicle can be considered as the grandfather of SUVs! It is still on production since 1979 and exterior design of this vehicle did not change significantly. You can buy 1979 G Class and replace some parts and it will look 2010! For me, G Class is a really cool car. It never changed its character and did not change its face. I know, Range Rover have similar characteristics but Range Rover changed its face many times and it is on everywhere! I do love Range Rover but I don’t find it cool like a G Class.
Despite these exquisite advantages of G Class, it is a nerve breaking car to drive. This car is equipped with three differential locks, which you cannot find in any other competitor. Front, centre and rear; when you use them all, you don’t need any ESP or ASR. Actually, system disengages all these things when you engage differential locks. As the steering is not light, doors are not easy to close, there is no sign of aerodynamics, handling is designed for off road, there is not front parking sensors (actually with those bumpers you don’t one!) and many more things are not available which can be found in any normal Mercedes. However, if you only have a compass and you don’t want to follow the road, this is the very few vehicles which could go straight to your destination by avoiding any natural obstacle. The main differentiating point of G Class is; its production. It is still made by hand in Austria. Yes, Mercedes does not mention this but it is one of the very rare vehicles which are built by hand.
However, this vehicle is very popular in US, especially in celebrities. I don’t know why but they love to drive G 55 AMG and bear the difficulties of G Class! Because, it is cool ;)
Now I want to talk about the Louis Vuitton. I don’t need to give information about LV, we all know it. If you have lots of money, you will buy one whatever they sell! Their marketing strategies which are targeting every living organism on earth. This helps us to see LV more than Toyota pickups in anywhere! For many people, LV is a luxury or snob hand bag manufacturer and this is kind of true. But LV did not start business with hand bags, they started with luggage. Luggage which did not change much for many years like Mercedes G Class. They are still made by hand, cornered, may be heavier than Samsonite. Those cornered hard luggage are keeping LV brand exclusive, if I had money to buy a luxury luggage I would not buy modern LV, I would go for the classic one. Because, that luggage reflects the LV’s character. Like, Mercedes G Class is reflecting pure off roader and also success of Mercedes in automotive.
If you could afford to buy Mercedes G Class, please try to buy old style LV luggage. Like G Class, you cannot see both of them very often and nobody really know them very well. But they are the best one ;)
Here is a video about G Class production;

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I’ve always liked the G class, the boxy shape works for me and I like LV, too, most of the people hate my monogram canvas speedy but I think it’s a classic :)

It’s great hear that G’s sexy shape is adored :) I can love LV without the its monograms :P However, the best combination is to buy G Class with LV luggages and run out of money :)

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