MAN is the oldest automotive company, most of us never heard of this. However, MAN is doing business for 251 years. And they are the inventor of diesel engine. Yes, today’s the most popular engine is invented by German company MAN. Last 251 years, MAN was like u-boat (submarine in German) and they just manufactured trucks, buses, diesel engine, turbos and many more thingsthings but nobody knows MAN. Also most of the ships, trains, yachts, generators are powered by MAN. Actually, MAN is always taking a part in our lifes but we don’t notice it.
Despite all these advantages, MAN does not focus on marketing activity to inform society about their impact on their life. Twenty years ago, there was no need to do these kinds of activities, because there were not too many competitors and markets were not complicated like nowadays. However, things have changed and even the Chinese are offering diesels. And MAN still does not act any marketing activity to inform that “we invented the diesel”. If any other company had this advantage, they will say it all the time! Diesel invention is not the only thing, diesel engines are also offering very low emissions. Or we can say green peace lover, tree huger.
MAN has a great potential in today’s marketing made branding age. MAN has the every kind of material to strength its brand image and increase its competitive advantage but they don’t want to do it!

In general; everyone knows that electricity is invented by Edison. Electricity is inseparable from our lives. Also the diesel engine is in the same position! Without diesel engine, we cannot survive in contemporary world. Diesel engine is sustaining our life, from deliveries from oversees to generators. Rudolf Diesel deserves to be known like Edison.