Marc Jacobs has a café, Porsche Design or Ferrari should have one also

Today I read on Vogue’s website, fashion brand Marc Jacobs opened a café in Milan, Italy. This café will be reflect the brand design elements and they will have chance to taste Marc Jacobs! This is not something new, Marc Jacobs just joined the café trend like other brands. However, when I read this news an idea came to my mind. Why Ferrari or Porsche Design (PD) haven’t opened a café yet? Especially PD has everything for a café (even the construction can be done by PD power drill!), they offer coffee machine, toaster! And this could also create an opportunity for new products like cups, spoons, may be even sugar!The case is same with Ferrari also, it has lots of fans around the world and they are ready to drink a coffee in Ferrari café. Actually Ferrari offers many things with Ferrari badge, they don’t even need to contact with third party company to supply things for café!

For Porsche Design and Ferrari, this is a new business area. Automotive business is not just selling cars or selling pens, they should also provide opportunity to experience the brand in a different way. Please don’t try to produce coffee in car factory ;)

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