Mercedes cars love their drivers !

Whether you like Mercedes or not, Mercedes offers the latest technology on their cars. Especially in S and CL Classes. If I start writing their optional and standard features, it will take couple of hours. However, some of the technologies are not helping driver, it is just driving the car instead of driver! I am not against these kinds of technologies, but their adverse affect is making us lazy :)
I don’t need to focus too much on traffic, if something goes wrong car will stop :)
(The picture in the right hand side is showing what happens when you approach to a car.)
This last sentence is totally possibly with BAS Plus technology. Yes, we are not in Star Trek movie and car can identify what is going in front of the car. It can understand, in 100 meters cars are not going anywhere we need to stop. As usual, it alerts the driver and driver might be sleeping and when the car approaches to fail safe point, it makes full braking! Probably, all the passengers will understand that BAS Plus did the braking, as their stomach and livers changes their places. For a relaxing travel, BAS Plus is not something ideal unless you want to change your places of your organs.
This technology is only offered in Mercedes as I know, however Honda and Lexus are offering similar systems to prevent accident. The important point, accident! These systems are not for making you lazy and play with your phone or watch DVD while driving. It is for saving you, of course if you don’t save your money ;) BAS Plus is an optional extra.
And you could see from the picture, Mercedes S Class has radars every where!