Mercedes is in love with Renault !!! ??

Recently, I read on internet that Mercedes will work with Renault to increase their competitive power in small car segment. Like BMW is putting Peugeot engine in Mini range, Mercedes will probably put Renault engines in Smart range.
I said range, because they are planning to expand Smart brand with Renault, which is very good at producing dull cars. And you could remember 1980s in Renault, because Renault still has the ridicilous problems of 1980s. For instance, while driving Renault you can “feel” that gear knob is reflecting what is going on inside the gearbox! Even Ford Ka doesn’t have this problem. Ohh, I forgot! Lack of feeling in steering wheel and superb handling! Why superb? Because, for cost saving Renault doesn’t like to offer proper suspension in the back. They offer torsion bar, which is not a suspension!
Anyway, Mercedes had accident with previous Smart models ForFour and Roadster. I hope that they won’t repeat their mistakes again. Mercedes please think twice!!!

Pictures are from;
Daimler Media