Mini Beachcomber is like open toe boots!

I have some doubts about the Mini’s product extension strategy. As the automotive industry is suffering serious problems and consumers are still not feel safe, therefore it may not be a good time to extend the product range. On the other hand, consumers’ obsessions with Mini emerged a question in my mind. Should Mini use it full potential and capture as much as market share? And avoid being exclusive! Being exclusive is one of the key elements of luxury goods suggested by J.N. Kapfrerer. As we could see from their concept models, Mini wants to capture every kind of consumers and move from niche to kitch!
Beachcomber model is promising “unique standard of driving pleasure” with no door, no top; actually nothing at all. As you could see from its chunky tyres, this is light weight SUV or in their term crossover, which you can off road “safely”. And when you wish to have extra safety (I think nobody is looking for that!) you just put the door into their places. They defined this as flexible protection!
I think while the designers discussing about this concept vehicles, they evaluate the world from a different perspective. From their concept vehicle, we could see that they suggested, there is no such a thing called accident and side impact. And door are fashion items on cars :)
When I see this concept crossover, I remembered one of my friend’s comment about contemporary boots in luxury brands. They are sold as boots but they have nothing to keep your feet warm. Of course, boots are not for winter, they are for summer! And from the same perpective, this concept vehicle is not offering anything to keep you warm inside.
I admire different design concepts but please be rational, who is going to buy a car with no doors! And how are you planning to pass from side impact crash test? As you don’t have proper doors. Yes, our target group will not push that hard with this car. Probably they won’t even crash or rollover ;)
One suggestion; when you buy this crossover or whatever it is, buy Givenchy open toe boots with them. They will definitely fit with each other :)
Pictures are from;
Luisaviaroma Website
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