Monsieur Renault Clio

Renault Clio; this car is one of the most senseless car. Apparently Renault also noticed this and the last model look quite pretty for a Clio! But Clio always remained as a Clio, expect some iconic models, its design and its features never made it very popular. It was normal small passenger car, until now! Last one week, Clio became more popular then Paris Hilton’s picture in I think even the Renault never thought this unexpected popularity. However its popular is not about any new technological features or a futuristic design. It is about politics !
Renault Clio became a politic issue in France. As the new generation Clio is planned to be built in Turkey, however France wants the French car to be produced in France. Even their slogan is ready; French car is produced in France. Actually they should also add; French loves to create interesting sounds and noise after 50.000 KM, regardless of its brand and production place. French cars do not have very good reputation for reliability and for quality. You cannot see same high level of quality in French cars, as you see in Chanel. But Renault’s superb quality never became an issue but its production plant became very popular in France, Turkey and EU Commission.
As mentioned in Financial Times and in other respected newspapers, Carlos Ghosn is known as cost cutting ability. And moving production from Turkey to France will not provide them any cost advantage, but they also facing issues with government. I am pretty sure that Renault will find a way to produce new Clio which I really not curios about it. But there is one thing clear; the gap between Clio and VW Polo or Ford Fiesta cannot be closed very easily. Like many people says; Renault should increase its production quality and try to make better avoid cars to avoid being dull.
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