New Volvo S60 Coming Soon from China!

Volvo is bought by Chinese company Geely in recent weeks. And Volvo released the pictures of new S60 model. I could say, this is one of the best looking car on market now! I am really looking forward to see the real one. I never felt like this for a Volvo.
I don’t know what to say! Ford, why did you wait so long for this car? You could have introduced new S60 before everything turned into chaos.
We could see that, Volvo still has potential and Ford could have benefited from this. As they ignored to revise Volvo’s range for long time, Volvo could not have enough money to survive.
Chinese Volvo S60 will be very popular car and like Jaguar XF, there will be more demand than expected. I think Ford is very good at selling brands which have high potentials hidden. An advise to Geely, try to introduce new S80, as soon as possible! Like, Geneva Motor Show on march ;)