Park your car like James Bond

For some people parking their car is a big issue. Some of them want to keep them inside their garage, some of them park them far away from their house just to feel safe. And some of them do not wish to show their car to others! Lastly, if you have limited area in your house, car is consuming unnecessary place. Or some people want to park their car in a style. Parking a car in stylish way??!! It does sound weird but it is now possible by German company Wörth!
Imagine you have just bought your Aston Martin DBS and would you park like a Honda Civic, leave it next to side walk, of course not, when you are driving the same with James Bond! If you could afford to buy DBS, it is quite clear that you would have a very nice house. So, the problem is how park your DBS like James Bond.
As you could see from the picture, there is no car. Actually, there are plenty of cars parked in this area but we cannot see them! No, they don’t have any military style camouflage. The surface this area is the top of the parking place. The cars are parked under the surface of this place and there is no visible entrance. Actually the whole area is equipped with invisible garages.
When you arrive to your house or this house, you just get out from your car and push the button to raise the parking place. Then drive through the parking place and push the button to disappear the parking space. It is a basic elevator for parking your car. Very effective, smart design and does not ruin the view or you suffer to park your car ;)
There is no stylish way to park your car :)
For more detail please click to this link. Invisible Garage
Pictures are from;
Aston Martin