Pink Fiat 500 with Pink Driving Shoes

Since I saw the pink driving shoes in GQ Magazine by Kurt Geiger, I started to wonder which car fits best with those shoes. And I mentioned this problem in my previous post! Unfortunately, there are not many cars which are offering pink as an optional colour.
Fiat 500 is one of my favourite cars; I really like it driving character, its design, practicality and good price. And now this car has a mutual interest with Kurt Geiger’s pink driving shoes! Finally today I read that Fiat 500 is offering limited edition of Pink colour! That’s very cool, I finally found a car which is fitting with pink driving shoes :) Unfortunately, it is limitied edition and you can only order from internet!
Unlike other limited editions, Fiat is offering this 500 with a reasonable price which allows many people to afford but only very limited will have the chance to drive it! Eventually; pink driving shoes are available with pink Fiat 500, have fun :)
Pictures are from;
Fiat Website
Kurt Geiger Website

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