Porsche 911 Coffee

Porsche 911 is my one of the most favourite car for all time. As it has been produced for forty seven years, it can be considered as the best sports car on market. Forty seven years of experiences of producing the same car is something which cannot be achieved very easily and cannot be found in any other sports car!
Since 1963; as the 911 developed and evolved, marketing also evolved and 911 is influenced by new trends. When it was first revealed on market, there were not many 911 range. And now there are sixteen different 911s including cabrios models. From 911 Carrera to 911 GT3 RS, there is always a 911 for you. That’s good, because 911 has the ability to offer different driving characteristics for different drivers. But, choosing the right 911 is like choosing the right coffee in Starbucks. There are lots of choices but you cannot prefer one!
Should I buy 911 Turbo? No, 911 Carrera 4S is cheaper. No, 911 Targa 4S looks better. No, 911 GT2 is superb car. And in the end, you cannot choose what to buy. Like in Starbucks; you just want to drink a coffee and they offer you millions of options to confuse you!
And the S models are just for confusing people. There is small price and power different between each other and it could drive you crazy, which one to buy :)
In both cases, you neither buy a pure 911 nor pure coffee! Welcome to world of marketing :)
My all time decision is 911 Turbo ;) It has everything; power, handling, comfort, design and coffee holder.

And the Porsche 911 range;
911 Carrera
911 Carrera S
911 Carrera Cabrio
911 Carrera S Cabrio
911 Carrera 4
911 Carrera 4S
911 Carrera 4 Cabrio
911 Carrera 4 S Cabrio
911 Targa 4
911 Targa 4S
911 Turbo
911 Turbo Cabrio
911 GT2
911 GT3
911 GT3 RS (One of my friend told me, there is a serious different between GT3 and GT3 RS!)
911 Sport Classic (Sounds like cigarette)

Pictures are from;
Porsche 911 Targa 4S
Porsche Website