Porsche Design Power Drill P’7911

Porsche Design is one of my favourite brand which is reflecting a sports car’s design to daily products. And provides opportunity to experience new things which you cannot experience with your car. As I mentioned earlier with their kitchen product, time to time Porsche Design introduces some “interesting” products. And recently I found very useful Porsche Design which will cause thousands of people to run after that. That’s a multihammer power drill tools by Porsche Design! I am relly curios, who is going to buy this product? OK, this is a well designed product to be presented in design exhibitions. Let’s think about which type of people are buying power drills and what are they doing with that!
Multihammer power drill tools are used for digging holes in concrete walls, break very hard materials into parts; also they make enourmous sounds and mess up the places around them. Unlike other Porsche Design products, multihammer power drills are not that friendly!!! Except this product, I didn’t notice any Porsche Design which mess up everywhere like this. Also, these products are used my mostly very skilled workers and they don’t want to pay extra money to own a Porsche Design drill! Because, they make money by using drills.
Now we can understand that, Porsche Design targeted people who are buying pens and 911s for this product. And one day they will desperately want to open a huge hole in their wall and they will desperately look for Porsche Design multihammer power drill. Very good story, hollywood could make a movie from this.
Unfortunately, people who will buy this product do not exist on earth. No, I am pretty sure that some people will buy it because that’s a Porsche ;) This is very bad example for brand strecthing, people do not strecth your brand up to power drills !
I am fan a of Porsche Design, but I would never buy this :(
Last note: This power drill could rev up to 4600 per minutes :)