Rejected take off to Saab, Again!

Saab’s condition turned into chaos. For one year, nobody wanted to buy and last minute Spyker felt in love with Saab. From the press releases, Spyker wants to buy but there are some obstacles! Something like this; can we sell Saab cars? Or can we survive after we finance Saab? They are making business and these kind of expectations are very normal.
Buying Saab is quite risky and you should lots of money to spend and supported by huge income. Hmm; I think Ecclestone is a good choice or Kuwait Invesment. Kuwait Investment bought Aston Martin, I think they own %7 of Mercedes Benz and probably some other firms also. They could ass Saab to their portfolio.
Saab’ safety features did not help to save Saab!

Picture is from;
EuroNcap Website