Snow in UK! Mate where is your winter tyres?

I thought last year was a heavy for UK. Of course relatively only a few centimetres, as I found out it didn’t for eighteen years! And now it is snowing really heavily. In some parts of UK, snow is up to thirty centimetres. This is a serious snow and needs serious precautions. Unlike the snowing, British people don’t like to replace their tyres during winter with winter tyres. As they told me, there is no snow why I should replace tyres! This is wrong, even if there is no snow, winter tyres provides better handling in cold weather. And last year, people were caught by snow with summer tyres!
However I didn’t read any news about booming demand on winter tyres. And this year it snowed more and I still didn’t read anything about winter tyres. This is very basic, if you want to drive in snow, you have to replace your tyres. I know it is expensive but it is reasonable cheaper than staying at hospital ;)
PS: I did not see any recommendation about winter tyre in IAM Driving Road Safely website. Link
Pictures are from;
Jubilee Campus, Nottingham
Continental Website