Study Module: What is Diesel?

I am starting 2010 with diesel article, I hope it won’t end up with natural gas powered engine :)
A breif detail about diesel engine; it was invented by MAN Engineer Rudolf Diesel in 1892. And for long time US didn’t use it.
US market did not have a proper introduction with diesel engine. All they know about diesel is trucks and Cummins and pick-ups. I am not criticizing, they have cheap petrol and their culture is orientated with V8 petrol engines. That’s very good, when you have very cheap petrol. But now world has changed and US market has changed also, fuel efficient is more important! They are looking for environmental and fuel efficient cars and they stuck on hybrids.
However, new technology diesels are very powerful, efficient and very silent. Eventually; US market has bias on diesel engine and they don’t know it properly. Only %1 of passenger cars are equipped with diesel engine. As they don’t know enough, they don’t want to buy something which is unusual for the market. Now automotive companies are trying to educate US market for diesel engines. I think they should put some diesel powered NASCAR car like they did in LeMans and let customers to feel the power of diesel.
I am pretty sure that; if the US market is educated effectively and break the bias on diesel engines, they will love it. Because, you can feel the power better with diesel. Yes, this sounds very good on slogan for US market :)