The Highest Lamborghini

I am sure that some of you think that, this article is about Lamborghini’s new SUV or it is about the first sport SUV LM002. As the LM002 is the first sport SUV, Lamborghini likes to introduce new products to market. And until now, LM002 was the tallest Lamborghini ;)
Today while I was searching for Porsche Design shoes, I found out something very interesting! Lamborghini High Heels with carbon fibre heels. These shoes look like, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is exposed to radiation and turned into shoes. As you could see from the picture, they look same as Gallardo. And hopefully they are concept, this means you cannot buy them from stores. I am pretty sure that some ladies are sad with this news :)
From a different perspective; these shoes are reflecting Lamborghini design very accurately. But, from the other perspective (womens’ side), I have never met a woman who want to buy a Lamborghini High Heels! Properly there is no women exist who want to buy them. If they produce these shoes, most probably it will cost fortune and ladies could find better brands with better looking shoes with less handling :)
So, we could say that if you want to design a product to women; try to avoid carbon fibre and cars ;)
Superleggera means, super light. I am pretty sure that shoes are very light with their carbon fibre heels!
Important notice: My friend Gulgun liked this shoes and she told that “she could buy them”. So there is a demand Lamborghin, go produce it :)
Pictures are from;
Lamborghini Website