Who wants Mercedes CLS Station!

Mercedes CLS is one of very successful segment creator car with its four door coupe style. When it was introduced in market, it was a fresh air. CLS was offering coupe style with four door’s comfort and 2+2 seating and sportive driving character. This can be a very good example for successful investment. After CLS, competitors did not respond quickly and waited. And Porsche announced Panamera, Aston Martin announced Rapide and Audi A5 Sportback. Yes, A5 Sportback is smaller than others but their concept is similar.
BMW did not respond to CLS. Instead, they revealed something called 5 GT! That’s a gran turismo with huge boot space. Don’t imagine something which looks like Maserati. That’s a uplifted BMW 5 Series station. Something similar to Audi A6 Allroader! Actually, I liked the 5 GT’s design but I would never buy it unless someone gives it for free. Probably most of the customers think the same. This kind of unidentified cars are quite hard to sale. If customers cannot identify them, how they could pay lots money and buy it?
I thought, Audi A6 Allroader and BMW 5 GT will not be followed by someone. Ohh no!! Mercedes will reveal something called CLS Station. It was first mentioned in 2008 as concept vehicle and I was expecting to see as a concept vehicle. But after six years, they decided to produce a coupe station. I really wonder who is their target group? People who didn’t buy the R Class? Or people who have lots of money and want to buy something which looks like weird?
Time to time, Mercedes makes mistakes like R Class, GL (I really like R and GL but they are expensive!). And this is the nature of business. But coupe station should not be a response for BMW’s pointless car. Instead of unidentified coupe station, introduce a small coupe which is better than CLC!
Sorry; BMW 5 GT is very risky car (proper niche car) and after new 5 Series, it will be extremely hard to sell it. And CLS Station will be worse. Remember, BMW used to have Z3 Coupe! Probably nobody remember it. Because, it was like a coupe station. Please, don’t try to stretch your product range just to extend it.
Last note; as mentioned on Autocar CLS Station will be on sale in 2012. It even has vehicle code, X218!

Pictures (in order)
Mercedes ConceptFascination (Concept car)
Mercedes CLS
Mercedes R

Picture are from;
Mercedes Website
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