An Education: Bristol

Many people never heard of Bristol as a car brand. Actually, most of us know Bristol as a city in UK. Probably a city with historical places to visit, some pubs and not very crowded. I don’t know enough about Bristol but I do know a bit about Bristol cars. My first encounter occurred in London two years ago. My friend Jon Bentley told a bit about Bristol and a few minutes later, we saw the Bristol car dealer in London. Actually, the time stopped in dealer! The furniture, interior was totally a flashback from 1980s. I cannot ignore the fact that, the cars are also flashback.
There is one interesting fact about Bristol which I learned from Jon Bentley and later I heard in BBC Top Gear. If you want to buy a Bristol, the owner of Bristol cars should like you and lets you own one! This is not a rubbish story like Ferrari’s. If you want to buy one, make a good impression with the owner and you might have one. Something similar to job interview! Honestly, it is quite annoying. You are paying a large of amount money and you will be interviewed for owning one!?! (Bristol is offering 1012 horsepower model.)
And it is not very hard to see this from their sales figure and the condition of their London dealer. As a matter of fact, Pink Panther owned one Bristol.
A couple of days a new movie started roll on cinemas. An Education, story was taken place in 1960s London. It is very relaxing movie and gives opportunity to see British cultures in fifty years ago. There is an interesting fact about the movie also :) David (Peter Sarsgaard)  was driving a four-door Bristol! Neither a Bentley nor Aston Martin. A proper Bristol which was bought after an interview. Of course, we don’t see any seen like that in movie but it is very clear that, David had an interview with the owner of Bristol to own one.
Another interesting fact about the movie :)
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