Cry me a river, Toyota!

Finally Akio Toyoda cried! Toyota is suffering serious problems with gas pedal, brake pedal and steering wheeling. As you can see there are the main basic parts of a car :) And we don’t how, Toyota managed to break the down. Actually this is not something very very unusual, Mercedes had problems with electronic brake SBC in 2004. And many more cases happened similar to this.
The interesting point, as I mentioned earlier, Toyota does not have any other attributes rather than been durable. Nobody will dream a Toyota Corolla because of its design or nobody will fall in love with interior design or ergonomics. Just durable. When the durable car became endurable, Toyota is trying to pull the ejecting seat lever to get rid of these problems in a quick way.
As far as I read on newspaper, this is something very common in Japan to cover things up. But it won’t work in these parts of the world. Let’s remember when Mercedes had the SBC problem did someone come in front of the cameras and started to cry? Of course not. Come on, you did not break up with your wife. You should have predicted this problem before, when you produce more you make more problems.
Let’s see what will come next from Desperate Toyota Bosses! And to cheer up Toyota managers a song from Justing Timberlake is coming, Cry Me A River :)
Crying Toyota;
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