Ford has acceleration issue!

Toyota is suffering serious problems with gas pedal and sudden acceleration. Usual Toyota’s does not wish to accelerate but this time, problem is extremely serious and it is going to destroy its reputation!
And Ford started to make profit! It is also sudden like Toyota’s problem. Because, Ford and Profit words never used together for a long long long time. However, during last years Ford sold everything they owned. Land Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Volvo. Also they closed some of the production plants. And they started to make profit! Really? How long you can sustain this profit level? For two months?
Ford is still has the old, unsuccessful, and failure making approach. You sold everything what you were expecting? Huge loss! Ford lost so much money, I cannot even remember it. This profit level will not satisfy anyone and twitting some “funny” cartoon will not have impact. I really cannot understand, US has the best Business Schools on earth but Ford cannot find people to create “proper” profit!
These tactics have the same efficiency as much as your inefficient petrol V8s. Ford; Wake Up and Think Twice!