Future of luxury cars!

Automotive industry started to downsize the engines to reduce emissions levels and offer more fuel economy. Ten year ago, a Mercedes S Class with 2,2lt diesel engine would sound funny and there would not be any demand to it. Also a BMW 3 Series with 1,3lt engine would also sound interesting! Or 1,4lt engine produces 170 horsepower would be impossible. Now all of these things are possible and in near future we will have chance to buy 3 Series with 1,3lt turbo engine, 2,2lt diesel S Class and smaller engines will be revealed.
A few days ago Volvo announced the revised 1,6lt diesel engine for S80 and V70. For those of you who don’t know what S80 and V70 are; S80 is the flagship of Volvo and trying to be a competitor for Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. I know it is quite hard to play in that market but Volvo is positioned as cheap and reliable alternative! However, this new 1,6lt diesel engine might be an opportunity for Volvo. This new diesel engine produced 109 horsepower and 240 nm of torque. These figures are the same figures which can found in other Volvo models. I guess, Volvo revised the transmission ratios to use this engine. However, this weak engine would struggle to move Volvo S80 even the revised transmission won’t avoid being very slow.
Highway driving consumption will be 4,0lt of diesel as Volvo announced and this car will have a range of 1750km. Sounds interesting but without automatic transmission, there won’t be a huge rush to this car. However, in emerging markets with high import taxes this car will be loved!
Future of E and F segment cars will be combination of; Small and Powerful Diesel Engine or Petrol Engine and Automatic Gearbox. E Segment is Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series and competitors. F Segment is Mercedes S Class, BMW7 Series and competitors. The one who offers the pocket size engine first will catch the most!
Don’t be shocked when you see a BMW 7 Series with 1,3lt turbo petrol engine :)
Pictures are from;
Volvo Website
BMW Website