How to ruin your trip quickly ?

This is the most unwanted thing for a trip, being ruined! While making plans and trying to figure out what to do next, you end up in a total mess. Unfortunately, this happened to me once. Last summer, we rented a car with my Cypriot friends to go around UK. Of course, nobody was expecting a trip to be terminated by a ridiculous liquid but it happened.
Before I mention about this liquid, I would like to give short information. For last ten years car manufacturers started to replace the spare tyre with a tyre repair kit. As we were told, this repair kit will help to rescue us from a flat tyre problem. However, many people had a question mark! How a liquid can repair a tyre with profile damage or suffered from several puncture. And car companies do not wish to comment on this and they offer the spare tyre as a free option in some brands(You can see from the picture).
This ridiculous decision was made to increase the boot space and reduce weight. Because, this superb liquid technology is consuming a small space and less weight. So, you can use the spare tyre’s space as a cooking place when your tyre is flat in the middle of nowhere! Not bad, you will have extra space and in an unknown place in the middle of the night and the magical liquid will fix the holes in your tyre. Expecting this liquid to repair a tyre is like expecting see Andriana Lima knocking your door to get merry with you. Both cases have the same impossible possibility.
A liquid which looks like a hair jelly has no chance to fix any flat tyre! Unfortunately, tyres are facing huge forces and when they go flat, they really go flat, like a bankrupted Swiss Investment Bank, no chance of survive. May be some miracle will happen and your tyre repair kit will fix your tyre and you will go back to your trip This very tiny possibility is the same tiny possibility to find you Andriana Lima was looking for you for getting married!
Our trip ended up in a petrol station at 2 or 3am, we had a flat tyre and this unbelievable repair kit. Until that time, I had a very tiny hope this repair can do something but nothing has happened and our trip ended up like this, as you could see from the picture.
So, if you want to finish your trip in a tow truck, do not ask for a spare tyre and use the repair kit :)

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