Jaguar’s and Bentley’s common part!

Jaguar and Bentley are the most sophisticated brands of British automotive industry. These two brands are reflection of social status, welfare and wealth. Especially driving a Bentley is reflecting your social status in crystal clear quality. Jaguar is not sharing the same segmentation with Bentley but it is also an icon of social status.
Their common part is the aerial radio antenna! Yes, very ridiculous but they share antenna from 1980s. When the Jaguar XK first introduced, they did not use a modern antenna for radio. The antenna which they used was rising when the radio is switched on and lowered when the radio is switched off, 1980s technology. After a couple years later, they have replaced with a modern one which does not go up and down. However, Bentley stuck on this antenna and it is still offering it on Azure and Brooklands models. I have no idea why the Bentley is doing something like this! Jaguar was suffering financial problems and this antenna was one of the cost saving options. But Bentley? It is owned by Volkswagen and they have lots of money. I really wonder why they used this kind of prehistoric antenna?
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