Minimalist Ferrari

Buying a Ferrari is a dream of many people. Some people save coins to buy a Ferrari and try to keep their dream alive. Hopefully Ferrari heard their silent cry and started Ferrari Store :) By this way, Ferrari not only making money from cars but also making money from lifestyle. Ferrari Stores are the places where you can find many things with Ferrari logo. All items have Ferrari bit in their design, colour or on their feature. The performance of Ferrari Stores is better. You can find from mobile phone straps to F1 cylinder which was used in real race.
Also there are some interesting stuff :) Like this; a pedal car for kids with ventilated disc brake, 7 gears, lap time recording, leather steering wheel, sport seat and at the price of €1699.
I don’t think this is a start for a Ferrari. It has every bit of Ferrari in a minimalist style! I have some friends who are obsessed to buy Ferrari, here it is ;) By the way, the bear is not included in price :)