New Porsche Cayenne

A few days ago, we have spotted the Cayenne in Porsche Car Configurator web site. In that picture, it was not that good looking. Interestingly, things have changed! The art of ugliness Cayenne turn into something which looks really nice. I mean both exterior and interior. Current Cayenne’s interior is a up rated VW Touareg and they both have boring interior. The perfection of dullness Cayenne turned into a real reflection of Porsche an SUV.
It does not have a low ratio gearbox for off road, like new Touareg it has a very short first gear which is designed for off road driving. It is planning to replace low ratio gearbox and I think, that’s a very good solution. Nobody is pushing that hard on off road but a low ratio first gear can help to go around when you get bored on road.
It has a proper diesel (240PS) and hybrid (380PS) models and like in Panamera it has start/stop function with automatic gearbox. And when the engine turns off, none of the electric gadgets disappear also the climate control will supply the preferred heat. If they need energy, focus on this, engine start will create the required energy. I think it will be used for climate control.
It looks much better than a BMW X5 and probably drives better than X5. But Porsche needs to have better diesel engines to cope with competitors who are nearly offering 300 horsepower diesel.
However, new Cayenne is a proper Cayenne ;) Now it has the Porsche design culture!